What Is wOBA In Baseball? What Is A Good/Bad Stat?


What is wOBA in Baseball? We all know getting on base is the most crucial thing a player can do in the game. More baserunners lead to more runs scored and, eventually, more contests won.

But how can you measure which reaching is more productive and which is not? That’s when wOBA comes in for assistance.

Let’s learn more about this special terminology and grasp further about the game you are losing your heart to!

What is wOBA in Baseball

wOBA is handy in baseball – Source: Wallpaper flare

What Is wOBA In Baseball?

So, what does wOBA mean in baseball? 

wOBA is short for Weighted On-base Average. This statistic was developed by Tom Tango to assess a player’s base-running efficiency and the likelihood of scoring runs due to base-running rather than just looking at whether a player gets to the base.

Simpler put, the stat operates based on one rule: Not all hits are the same. 

As such, wOBA accounts for all the standard batter’s actions, including walks, extra-base hits, hits, and outs times hit by a pitch, then assigns weights to each of these actions in accordance with how much of an influence they have on the game. 

For instance, when applying wOBA, a triple would be much more valuable than a double. The more bases your hits give and the more likely they result in runs, the greater weight wOBA accounts for your hits.

The wOBA is to measure the base-running efficiency – Source: Wallpaper Flare

What Does wOBA Measure?

As mentioned above, wOBA gauges a player’s offensive prowess. You can tell whether a player is better at getting on base and scoring runs due to getting on base or not by merely looking at their wOBA.

If you wish to have a higher wOBA, just make as many multi-base hits as you can. Since these hits (triples, home runs, and doubles) are more likely to result in more runs per one, they will be counted as the highest in the range.

Saying so does not mean you are a poor offensive player if you don’t have a wOBA that is as good as others. Rather, it simply indicates you are more inclined to produce walking or singles than collecting multi-base ones. 

However, a low wOBA is another different story. A player with a low wOBA is either not meeting base as frequently as they should or can take enough runs to get there. 

They are still reaching base despite their frequent walks, but these bases do not result in runs. More walks lead to a lower wOBA since walks are assigned a weight the least in the wOBA algorithm.

The more walks, the lower wOBA – Source: Wikipedia

What Is The Formula Of wOBA?

Firstly, you have to follow the “run value” for each sort of result to determine wOBA. Run value is the quantity that an at-bat contributes or subtracts, represented in runs. Naturally, a home run presents a big increase, while a strikeout features the opposite in run value.

wOBA is calculated using the same formula every year. However, to attain precise results, you will have to look up these annual changeable values on some online platforms, for example, FanGraphs. 

The math itself is rather simple after you’ve found the constants for the relevant year. Let’s check out the MLB‘s official wOBA calculation as follows:

Where “factor” denotes the season-as-a-whole adjusted run expectation of a batting event: (unintentional BB factor x unintentional BB + HBP factor x HBP + 1B factor x 1B + 2B factor x 2B + 3B factor x 3B + HR factor x HR)/(AB + unintentional BB + SF + HBP).

As such: 

  • “SP” equals “Sacrifice Fly” 
  • “IBB” equals “Intentional Walk”
  • “BB” equals “Walk”
  • “AB” indicates “At-bat”
  • “HR” is short for “Home Run”
  • “3B means “Triple”
  • “2B” is “Double”
  • “1B” is “Single”
  • “HBP” is “Hit By Pitch”
  • “uBB” demonstrates “Unintentional Walk.”

Each sort of result is multiplied by its run value, and the sum of those totals will then be the outcome. 

Next, the sum gets divided by the entirety of walks (minus deliberate walks), sacrifice flies, hit-by-pitches, at-bats, and at-bats. This computation will yield a rate that reflects the player’s season wOBA.

The formula of wOBA – Source: Flickr

Why Should You Use wOBA?

Why should I use wOBA if the fundamental triple slash lines statistics such as on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and average perform just as well or even better in generating OPS? Many may wonder. 

There is a reason for this statistic to be so preeminent to several circles of experts in recent years!

Unlike OPS (on-base percentage and slugging percentage), which does not fairly evaluate each sort of extra-base hit and undervalues getting on base in comparison to batting for extra bases, wOBA benefits your measurement to a whole new extent.

As such, it provides a value to each way of getting to base, thus is more practical in figuring out how effectively a player makes a contribution to run scoring,

When it comes to wagering, wOBA can also be helpful in identifying the lineup’s hot hand or determining if a team has been maximizing their opportunities at the bat.


What Is A Good wOBA?

It is dependable since the MLB’s average wOBA often varies on an annual basis. However, the rate usually hovers around 0.320, so normally, any wOBA above 320 would be considered acceptable. And, of course, the greater the wOBA, the better chances you have to win the game.

What Is A Bad wOBA?

A player has a poor wOBA if it falls below the average of 0.320 since the lower it is, the less likely they are to make it to base and contribute to their team’s run production. 

Players with wOBAs around these values aren’t excellent offensive players, and the worst wOBAs are 0.300 or below. One problem with them is that they will often struggle to get on base and score runs.

What Are the Differences Between wOBA and Other Stats?

wOBA takes into consideration the reality that not all hits have the same value, whereas batting average and on-base percentage make this assumption.

OBS and SLG are used in OPS to evaluate a player’s offensive worth, although those statistics are unrelated to the estimated run value of an on-field event.


What is wOBA in Baseball? Now that you know all details needed about this new statistic, choosing the most efficient one to measure your game wisely must no longer be a daunting task.

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