What Is A 643 Double Play And How It Impacts Baseball


The double play is one of the most celebrated moments in baseball. It’s also one of the most exciting to watch. One of the most common types of the double play is the 643 double play. In this article, we’re going to break down what is a 643 double play and how it impacts the game.

What is a double play in baseball?

In baseball, a double play is an act of knocking two runners out in one play. The typical format for a double play is when two outs are recorded during the same continuous play. This can happen when the batter hits a ground ball to the infield and the infielders quickly turn two separate outs, typically by throwing out the runner at first base and then tagging the second out either by tagging the base or tagging the runner.

What Is A 643 Double Play

The Importance Of Getting The Double Play

While a single play can be just as important as a double play, getting two outs in one play is always impactful. Inning-ending double plays are especially clutch because they prevent runs from scoring and change the momentum of a game.

There are various types of double plays that can be executed in baseball, but they all have one common goal: to get two quick outs. Regardless of the type of double play, they all require quick thinking and precise execution in order to be successful. Infielders must communicate with each other and be on the same page in order to make a double play happen.

While getting a double play is certainly not easy, it is an important part of baseball as it can help turn a close game into a victory. Double plays can help teams get out of jams and change the momentum of a game. They are also exciting for fans to watch as they often involve multiple fielders making great plays.

If you are a shortstop or second baseman, practice turning the double play often so that you are ready when the situation arises in a game.

Common types of double plays in baseball

The most common type of double play is probably the 6-4-3, in which the shortstop (6) fields a grounder and throws to second base (4) for the first out, and then second base throws to first base (3) for the second out.

Other types of double plays include the 5-4-3, in which the fifth baseman fields a grounder and makes two throws; 4-6-3, in which the fourth baseman fields a grounder and throws to the shortstop who then throws to first; 4-2-3, where the fourth baseman catches a line drive and doubles up the runner at first; 6-5-3, where shortstop fields a grounder deep in the hole and has to make a long throw to first.

To know more about baseball’s position numbers, you can watch this video:

What is a 643 double play and how it impacts baseball

“A 643 double play is when the shortstop (6), second baseman (4), and first baseman (3) all touch the ball during the same play. This type of double play is very difficult to execute, but it can be a game-changer if done correctly.”

There are a few things that need to happen for a 643 double play to be successful. First, the ball must be hit hard enough so that it gets to the shortstop quickly. Second, the second baseman needs to be in a position to catch the ball and tag out the runner on first base. Third, the first baseman needs to be in a position to catch the ball and tag out the runner on second base.

If all three players are in position and able to make their respective plays, then a 643 double play can be executed successfully. However, if even one player is not in a position or makes an error, then the whole play can fall apart.

While a 643 double play may be difficult to execute perfectly, it can certainly have a big impact on a baseball game. It can help turn around a close game or even preserve a  lead if executed correctly.

How to execute a 5 4 3 double play

One of the most common types of the double play is the 5-4-3, which is when the shortstop (5) fields a ground ball and throws to second base (4) to force out the runner, who then throws to first base (3) to retire the batter.

While the 5-4-3 double play is the most common, there are other variations that can be executed depending on the situation. For example, if there are runners on first and third base, the shortstop may throw to second base to start the double play and then the second baseman would throw to home plate to retire the runner from third.


Through this article, you already know everything about double play including what the numbers mean on a double play, and what is 643 double play. The 643 DP is one of the most exciting plays in baseball because it happens so fast and can turn the tide of a game in an instant.

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