Did Tom Brady Play Baseball? Get the Facts Here!

Tom Brady is well-known among football fans all over the world because he is widely regarded as one of the best quarterbacks who have ever competed in the game. But do you know what other sports he plays? Did Tom Brady play baseball before he became famous for playing football? Continue reading to find the answer.

A brief introduction to the career of Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the quarterback for the National Football League’s New England Patriots. Since 2001, Brady has been with the team (NFL). He is regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game and has led his team to six Super Bowl victories. Additionally, Brady holds multiple National Football League passing records, including the record for most career passing yards and most career touchdown passes.

When Brady first began playing football, he was listed as a backup quarterback for the University of Michigan. After Drew Bledsoe’s injury, the Patriots selected him in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, and he took over as the starting quarterback in 2001. Brady has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of five Super Bowls and has participated in 14 Pro Bowls. In addition, he is the only player in NFL history to win the Most Valuable Player award in four separate Super Bowls.

Brady has earned a reputation throughout his career for his leadership, poise, and ability to maintain focus under intense pressure. In 2020, he parted ways with the Patriots after 20 seasons and signed with the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay. When he led his team to victory in the 2021 championship game, he became the first player in the history of the game to win a Super Bowl with two different teams.

Additionally, Brady is one of the most successful players in National Football League history. He is the recipient of three Associated Press Athlete of the Year awards, three NFL Most Valuable Player awards, and two ESPY Awards for Best Male Athlete. Tom Brady was a professional baseball player, yes. He received the Sports Illustrated Player of the Decade award for the 2000s.

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Did Tom Brady Ever Play Baseball?

People are aware of Brady’s achievements on the football field; however, a lesser number of individuals are aware of the fact that he formerly held a position in the major leagues of baseball for a short period.

How Long Did Tom Brady Play Baseball?

“Tom Brady played baseball for a total of nine years, from 1992 to 2000. In 1995, the Montreal Expos selected Brady in the draft, and he spent a portion of each of the next two seasons in the minor leagues before deciding to focus his efforts on football instead of baseball. His baseball career statistics are not particularly impressive, but he did have one successful season at the Class A level.”

When Brady was a kid, his dad helped him out on the baseball field as a coach. Baseball, Brady has stated, provided him with a wealth of knowledge regarding mental fortitude and the value of competition. In addition, he attributes his development of hand-eye coordination, which is essential for quarterbacks, to the time he spent playing baseball.

What Position Did Tom Brady Play in Baseball?

Tom Brady was a good pitcher and catcher, in addition to playing all three outfield positions. During his senior year of high school baseball, he was selected to serve as captain of his team.

In the minor leagues, Brady played shortstop for the majority of his 36 games played there. In his brief career, he had a batting average of.194 with one home run and five runs batted in. Brady claims that he had a good time during his time spent playing baseball, even though he was not very successful on the field.

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What Happened to His Baseball Career?

During his time at high school, Brady was active on the baseball and football fields, and he was even drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1995. However, he changed his mind and decided to pursue a career in football instead. He went on to have a successful career with the New England Patriots and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

What exactly transpired with Brady’s baseball career, then? It is difficult to say for certain, but it seems like he wasn’t putting his heart into it. He was selected in the draft as a catcher, but he only spent a few years playing in the minor leagues before he gave up on his dream of playing professional baseball.

It’s possible that he simply came to the conclusion that he wasn’t cut out for the grueling schedule of a professional athlete, or it’s possible that he understood that football was his true calling. In any case, we are thankful that he made the switch to football because, had he not done so, we would not have been able to witness one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game.


So did Tom Brady play baseball as well as football? Through the article shared by Honesty Apps – A website sharing passion for baseball – you probably know more about Tom Brady’s baseball career. Even though his time spent playing baseball may have been limited, it nonetheless played a significant role in his life. After all, it wasn’t until he tried out for football that his life took a turn for the better, and it was this turn that led to him becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game.

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